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mojoe 14th January 2018 11:12 AM

TI Motorsport
Have T I Motorsport gone bust ??
Have tried many times to phone them to get a quote for manual transmission conversion,no luck :confused:

Danielsan 24th January 2018 02:43 AM

They’re very much still going, I live 5 minutes up the road and only went past their workshop last Thursday. They used to be tricky to get hold of at times at their old smaller premises.

mojoe 25th January 2018 07:31 PM

I've managed to get in touch with them now. They were at Autosport show all week.
What's their work like are they any good ?

TOPPROFF 3rd March 2018 04:40 PM

Please do not waste your money at TI Motorsport. I was well and truly ripped off. Take a minute to read my story.

I am writing this review with reference to a recent axel carrier repair i had carried out at TI Motorsport on a 2004 BMW E46 M3.

Before i begin the review, if you are looking for a perfect repair and all issues under the car to be resolved You will not find it here in my experience It is worth paying a little extra for Redish Motorsport to carry out the repair. They will fully inspect for cracks and even boroscope under the rear seat pan for discrepancies. They will also inform you of any problems they encounter during the maintenance and give you a chance to have it corrected.

My car entered TI Motorsport with a rear diff whine and a creaking from the rear which was due to the RACP cracks recently identified by BMW on a routine inspection. I also requested the gearbox oil to be replaced as well as the rear brake lines while the rear axel was removed.

When i went to collect the car (travelled from Lincoln) the guy didnít seem to have a clue what had gone on with it. I asked to see the mechanic who carried out the repair only to be told he was busy. I even had to request the service stamp. No proper breakdown or handover to what had gone on. After handing over more than 1500 pounds I was handed the keys and pointed towards the car park where i was reunited with my dirty car (Redish will wash your car before you collect, as would most after spending such an amount). As i was driving out of Stoke i noticed the Diff whine was back and even louder than before (i had been charged for a replacement used diff and was assured it was good as it had been used for racing!). When pulling away from lights the creaking noise was still present as well.

The car had obviously not been test driven, these faults were blatant and i would expect any mechanic to let me know. Not to mention the safety aspect of handing over a car that had such maintenance without testing.

I had a local mechanic put the car on the ramps and see what had gone on. It was immediately evident that there were broken spot welds on the RACAP and the rear arch connection. The creaking noise was due to the panel coming away from the arch. This should have been addressed. There were several other areas that needed attention but i was not informed of these faults while everything was removed. Cables hanging down and not routed correctly as an example. Brake lines had not been replaced.

Overall, i felt disappointed not to mention more money being spent to address the exact same problems i had before shelling out over 1500 pounds. It all seemed and looked very rushed. The car is still off the road awaiting for the issues to be addressed.

Hopefully TI Motorsport will read this lenient feedback and improve their costumer service.[

mojoe 4th March 2018 10:45 AM

t.i motorsport
Thanks for your reply. I got fed up of waiting for them to give me a quote,so have taken my car to another garage.
To be honest they seemed a bit clueless,and didn't seem to want to put the effort into doing a bit of detective work,to give me a quote.

Haider1996 4th March 2018 11:47 AM


Originally Posted by TOPPROFF (Post 2517410)
Please do not waste your money at TI Motorsport. I was well and truly ripped off. Take a minute to read my story.[

Sorry to hear that mate. They should have addressed the broken spot welds and arch panel separation. I had my boot floor repaired and a major suspension overhaul done by these chaps and the work was bang on. Just recently had my differential rebuilt with a 4.10 CWP, front bearings & a BBK fitted from them aswell.

The only gripe I had was they lost my locking wheel nut on my last visit. Had to get the bolts removed from a specialist for £60...

Was Matt your main point of contact? He constantly kept me updated via email and phone calls.

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