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  1. USB OBD Cable ('Gauging Interest' resurrection!)
  2. INPA / Ediabas / GT1 / NCS-Expert Thread
  3. I declare this forum open
  4. What is OBD?
  5. Which cable?
  6. e39 and NCS Expert
  7. LCM Flash to remove check control from LEDs
  8. Pointless Novelty Hazard Lights
  9. Folding Mirrors on Lock
  10. NCS Expert: Open & Close Windows with Remote
  11. NCS Expert: Bleep with Lock and Unlock
  12. NCS Expert: One Touch Rear Vent Closing
  13. Alarm code reading? (sensor trip)
  14. OBD2 to OBD1 Adapters?
  15. [E46] Guide VMWARE 7.1 GT1 using VAG Cable
  16. How to create a coding profile in NCS Expert
  17. Sss/progman
  18. vmware problem
  19. Rough Running test INPA
  20. [E46] INPA And Coding etc.
  21. GT1 / DIS How-To
  22. INPA / Ediabas / NCS-Expert rear vent window closure
  23. bmw gt1,inpa/ediabas,ncs expert,progman sss and loads more download here!!!
  24. DIS final installation step!!!
  25. Module Listing
  26. INPA on 1995 euro m3
  27. [NCS Expert] Start in gear - dangerous?
  28. [NCS Expert] Set acoustic key-in-ignition warning
  29. two flashes on unlock
  30. [E46] NCS Code, complete list, translation, nice toys etc.
  31. Will GT1 Run Without The Disc??
  32. Big thanks the M3 Laith
  33. [E46] GT1 in Windows 7?
  34. Folding mirrors - help
  35. (INPA) Coding the AC to display HI and LO
  36. (NCS EXPERT) NAV distance to junction
  37. (NCS EXPERT)passenger mirror kerb tilt
  38. quick help diagnostic socket
  39. Coding On GT1
  40. NCS Expert tried and tested features that can be added to your M3
  41. Navcoder and OBDII Cable
  42. SMG Calibration
  43. Help deciphering error codes with new lead please :)
  44. My thanks to ....
  45. Please post virgin MK60 .TRC
  46. Help with INPA Error Reading
  47. [E36] INPA Air-con measurements
  48. New to this
  49. Smg recalibration
  50. M3Laith
  51. [E36] How to reset service lights?
  52. 16:9 screen
  53. Help with NCS Expert!!
  54. Can any one help with my projet please?
  55. [E46] Change the Force Brake to Start with SMG?
  56. is this software illegal?
  57. An updated list of codes
  58. NCS Expert - beginner needs help
  59. SMG Adaption Error
  60. Another smg adaptation sucess
  61. NCS Expert Help
  62. [E46] Clutch Slave Cylinder
  63. [E46] *M3 SMG Recalibration via INPA Help*
  64. What are your thoughts on this product ?
  65. carsoft help
  66. SMG Calibration - Avoiding Errors
  67. [E46] Alarm Indicator Issue
  68. Stop Press SMG Adaption
  69. What size lap top???
  70. [E46] Help with SMG and Engine Faults please
  71. [E46] Nc Expert ABSENKUNG_10_KM/H
  72. Help with diagnostics in Northern Ireland
  73. inpa/ediabas software
  74. [E46] M3 'Vert - Passenger Window Auto Close
  75. [E46] can someone email me their sm5 config?
  76. smg adaptions
  77. One touch indicators working
  78. smg calibration help
  79. [E46] Can anyone explain sporadic vs static vs present errors?
  80. Clutch wear values to check for if you suspect its on its way out
  81. [E36] Which system and abs module recode
  82. Anybody use these cables?
  83. Strange problem
  84. 3 button diamond key
  85. NCSexpert coding questions
  86. [E46] Need a MAN file for an SMG Kombi
  87. OBD issues? Which Laptop software?
  88. [E36] what laptop?
  89. [E46] OBD Readers (E-Bay)
  90. Get error "No Response from control unit" trying to connect
  91. Auto clock update - how?
  92. [E46] Interpreting data related to "Misfire"
  93. what cable do i need???
  94. Using Navcoder with OBD/USB interface
  95. sport button
  96. [E46] Favour needed from an SMG owner please
  97. e60 ews/dme align
  98. [E36] dis /smg
  99. set up help
  100. Reset adaption in INPA
  101. Enabling M-Tack mode in NCSExpert!
  102. mk60 coding
  103. M E36 Evo SMG Recalibration - advice needed
  104. no voltage shown
  105. Pre 2000 E46 323i.
  106. bmw ibus
  107. [E36] changing from obd to ads interface
  108. What software is best for E36 Evo's
  109. Turning of warning lights after led rear light upgrade
  110. who's the ncs expert ....... expert ?
  111. Windows - one touch up?
  112. navcoder wont connect
  113. [E46] Torque Android App & Bluetooth modem
  114. [E46] Side light check
  115. NCS Expert-enabling one touch triple indicators??
  116. Alarm lock beep
  117. [E46] M3 cruise control module GR2 not present
  118. Changing the VO
  119. Vert Question
  120. [E46] Rear Fog Lights
  121. INPA - Freelander TD4.
  122. Free beer!
  123. PDC sounds gone funny!
  124. ncs expert , please help
  125. Voice Recognition enabled using NCexpert
  126. glove box lock
  127. how to add auto lock when driving?? e66
  128. Success!! (I think!)
  129. TIS with 'Grafik'
  130. [E46] Anyone know about coding mileage on an LCM?
  131. Help with inpa error report.
  132. Software for MB and VW???
  133. [E36] Help installing INPA
  134. Testing VANOS with INPA
  135. [E46] Intravee Software
  136. [E46] Window not closing properly on a vert
  137. VMware and USB
  138. [E46] Laith cable - **DVD/CD Needed**
  139. rear led light conversion
  140. [E46] So...Who's enabled M-Track mode then...
  141. Shadow codes
  142. E60 m5 folding mirrors via key??
  143. Is it possible to log data with INPA
  144. Anyone use Autoenginuity? Testing VANOS with DIS??
  145. DIS V.57 Modding cable to carry out DME tests
  146. need some navcoder help please
  147. [E46] Key Programming - Surrey area
  148. [E46] Key programming in Aberdeenshire
  149. Need some help with Installation INPA EDIABAS FULL-English-Edition
  150. Issuewith EDIABAS
  151. [E46] Help with DIS and SSS error please
  152. DIS Setup with ODB/USB cable
  153. led rear re-flashing
  154. [E46] HELP - NCS Expert won't read FA value!
  155. Anyone in the midlands enable m-track mode
  156. M track mode enabled
  157. [E46] Heater control settings
  158. inpa and obd cable
  159. Indicators on with sidelights
  160. Airbag light
  161. Coding Central locking with NCSExpert
  162. INPA and E36 Evo
  163. INPA & Alarm
  164. rear brake lights failed
  165. Enable M Track and a few Extas
  166. Progman Q's
  167. [E46] HELP - cant get mirrors to fold on lock
  168. [E90 / E92 / E93] Autologic in Scotland
  169. Getting cable drivers to work with vista
  170. Ncs expert
  171. Help please
  172. SSS and NCSExpert
  173. Coding TCU in E46
  174. shift light for M3 E46 MANUAL
  175. Can you enable aux mode with ncs expert
  176. V45 Datens?
  177. [E46] best cable software for home garage.
  178. help locating ncs epxert
  179. INPA will not connect to other modules
  180. Anyone who can reflash my LCM and recode key in/around Leeds?
  181. led rear lights recoding
  182. Running Rich/Lean adaptation reset?
  183. INPA Scan
  184. Power source when connecting through ODB?
  185. [E46] new & old SMG Clutch values in INPA
  186. [E46] Does anyone know......
  187. Coding around Oxfordshire - North London
  188. How to check remaining clutch life on e46 m3 SMG in INPA?
  189. Previous version of NavCoder
  190. Navcoder not reading any modules
  191. [E46] Navcoder not reading any modules
  192. Anyone with navcoder in Carshalton??
  193. Any one Near Burnley with software / cables
  194. M track mode & folding mirrors
  195. Cheap scanner/reset tool for VW
  196. Coding ECU Map Files,
  197. Anyone in herts/beds/London that can do a scan on my e46 m3 smg?
  198. [E46] Coding/Error Reading in Central Scotland
  199. Airbag light - Enable M Mode
  200. Stabalized power source
  201. NCS EXPERT error when trying to read #0905
  202. Enabled acoustic alarm using NCS
  203. Coding in Gloucester area
  204. PA soft. Anyone good on it?
  205. lcm help
  206. Phone Volume
  207. What options have you enabled?
  208. [E46] 46 vert roof fault
  209. Cluster test...
  210. E85 daten files - where can I get them?
  211. Can I turn on TV in motion with INPA?
  212. changing menu options in inpa
  213. Ncs question
  214. NCS expert, what am i doing wrong
  215. [E46] SMG clutch bite reset
  216. Bleeding ABS unit.
  217. Delimiting
  218. GT1 Coding for OEM Retrofit navigation
  219. SMG Pump replacement and INPA
  220. Fault codes from my M3
  221. Cable for newer cars?
  222. [E36] what laptop???
  223. [E46] Carsoft - temperature control wheel - right
  224. M Track upgrade
  225. [E46] SMG Troubleshooting - INPA
  226. real time data logging
  227. [E46] M3 OBD Protocol
  228. key coding and diagnostics thanks to Razza77
  229. [E46] Fuel pressure
  230. bmw dis users guide
  231. Can the cable be used on other cars?
  232. USB to Serial. Does it work for ADS cars?
  233. [E46] Radio head is disturbed!
  234. Can anyone help me set up M Track Mode please?
  235. [E46] Passenger Airbag De-activation
  236. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  237. disk image sharing - avoiding mess with installation
  238. Bmw 330d 2004 new Injector codeing help!
  239. [E36] ADS Interface
  240. Coding new DME on E65
  241. Speed camera locations ?
  242. OEM LED Rear Light Problems
  243. OBD ECU Read error
  244. ncs expert
  245. what do these two options do
  246. E60 Can't get SSS Progman to work
  247. e60 m5 smg updating?
  248. [E46] Programming/ releasing features
  249. SMG Cog light - INPA 114 Selector Lever Evaluation
  250. DIS won't access DME functions